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What It’s Like Living in the Florida Keys

August 13, 2012 Florida Keys Lifestyle

Many people ask me, “What is it like living in the Keys?”  My family moved down here over 40 years ago, and I have to say….well…there is no place like home.  I’m not talking Kansas here either!!!  The Keys are unlike any other place I have lived or traveled.  Everyday, I drive by looking over the Gulf and the Ocean on my way to work.  Can you imagine how much stress and road rage I go through every day commuting back and forth to work?  That 5 minute drive through rush hour to get to work from my house is absolutely brutal.  I wonder how many years of my life I have robbed myself of by just the commute.

water view

All kidding aside, I believe the Florida Keys lifestyle has added years to my life simply by eliminating the stress of driving in the city.  Add some boating in there after work, a sunset peppered in there, the serenity of small town living and you have some of the reasons why I have stayed in the Keys as long as I have.  The city of Marathon where I live is a small but tight community.  News travels pretty fast through a high tech devise that is beyond 4G which we call “The Coconut Telegraph”  It is a fully human manual system that blows away 4G….somehow….I really don’t know how.

Some people have asked me how it was raising my children in the Keys.  Well I have 4 children and they all went to both the elementary and high school in Marathon.  The teachers they had were awesome and the education they received prepared them well for college.  All of them have graduated with degrees and our youngest is presently in his junior year as an electrical engineering major attending U of F  (Go Gators).  There are benefits sending your children to a smaller school like Marathon High.  My wife and I knew virtually all the teachers and the kids couldn’t get away with much.  If they were messing up, we invariably ran into someone at the local Publix and had a chat in the aisle.  Poor kids…they never had a chance.

If you like to be going in three different directions all the time and being stressed out 24/7, enjoy rush hour traffic and don’t like sunsets with ocean views the Keys are not for you.  I could not in good faith try nor want to sell you a home in paradise.  However, if the Keys lifestyle is calling to you….well I ‘m sure there is room for one more in the fabulous Florida Keys.

Stay well out there…Paul