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Why you should move to the Keys

August 23, 2021 Uncategorized


Are you tired of snow? Freezing cold weather? Staying in the house for the greater part of 6 months a year with nothing to do? Here are the top 12 reasons you should move to the Florida Keys right now.


THE WEATHER  Well this one should be obvious. Even in the coldest months of January and February our temperatures will not drop below 60*.  This is what are average temperatures look like: January, High 75*  Low 64*, February High 75* Low 66*, March High 79* Low 70*, April High 82* Low 72*, May High 84* Low 75*, June High 88* Low 79*, July High 90* Low 81*, August High 90* Low 79*, September High 88* Low 79*, October High 84* Low 75*, November High 81* Low 72*, and December High 75* Low 70*. Afraid of the warm temperatures? Remember you are completely surrounded by water to cool off in and the Florida Keys has a very low humidity compared to the mainland because of the water. The average rainfall for the Florida Keys is about 37 inches.

THE MARINE LIFE. Here in the Florida Keys on a daily basis from shore or water you will have the opportunity to see dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, countless species of tropical fish, and yes even sharks. If you would like to learn more about life below the ocean this is the place to do it with locations like the Turtle Hospital, Theatre of the Sea, or Dolphin Research Center to name a few. Islamorada is known as the sports fishing capital of the world, you can be from shore to deep water reeling in a huge mahi mahi in just moments. When lobster season comes around there is no other place than Marathon to find all the hidden spots to secure dinner for everyone in your party. 

THE WATER. The Florida Keys are surrounded by water on all sides. You have the beautiful Atlantic Ocean on the east and south sides and the stunning Gulf of Mexico and Florida Straits to the west. Not only is this water absolutely beautiful shades of blue like you have never seen before it is also crystal clear. This means you can hop on a boat whenever you want and visit some luscious destinations like the outer islands of the Bahamas or the Dry Tortugas. There is a load of water activities to take part in. You can be scuba diving one day, fishing the next, and exploring uninhabited islands the next.

RESTAURANTS There are restaurants on every level from food trucks to five star oceanfront luxury dining and everything in between. Don’t worry about dressing up for dinner here unless you want to, down here in the keys you are considered dressed up if you have shoes and a shirt on. Talk about fresh seafood, we have the freshest in the world. You can watch the boats leave dock in the morning, return early afternoon with their catch, unload their catch at the restaurant, and then the food is on your table for you to enjoy within minutes. Go fishing yourself and not sure what to do with the fish? You can bring it to any restaurant and enjoy a drink at sunset while the master chefs prepare your catch for you and serve it to your table.

ENTERTAINMENT You will never be stumped for ideas to be entertained in this part of the world. From small playhouses, to cinemas, to live singers at every restaurant. Also the world famous sunset performances at Mallory Square in Key West. Where else in the world can you see a drag queen in a high heel being lowered as we count in the new year. You will definitely need to learn how to ‘blow the conch’ as this is a local tradition each day at sunset dating back to the first people to live in this paradise.

SUNSETS AND SUNRISES– You have a treat here like you have nowhere else in the entire world. For those early rises you can welcome the sun each morning over the Atlantic ocean. For the best show is our sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. You have never seen as many colors the sky can turn as you witness one of the world famous Florida Keys sunsets. The sky will be painted with every shade of pink, orange, red, and purple that you have ever witnessed. If you are lucky you will be one of the special people to witness The Green Flash, a very rare occurrence that happens right after the sunsets. For as many sunsets as I have witnessed I have only been lucky enough to see it a handful of times. And remember you must blow the conch at sunset.

FESTIVALS As if the constant entertainment isn’t enough the keys have some of the best festivals anywhere in the world, from the Pigeon Key Art Festival, Marathon Celtic Festival, countless seafood festivals, to Fantasy Fest just to name a few. There is something for everyone.

THE ART With the countless festivals each year it comes to no surprise that Floridians here are proud of their creativity. Maybe it is all the sun, the fresh ocean air, or the most laid back atmosphere you will find anywhere but when it comes to art you will see it at every inch of the Keys.

THE ATTITUDE There is a completely different attitude of people in the Florida Keys then you will find anywhere else. It is like everyone is so relaxed and happy it is contagious. It is like everyone in the Florida Keys has a zest for life.

THE HOMES The homes in the Keys have mostly been here since the 50s, and are concrete homes in the most vibrant colors you will see anywhere, very comparable to the colors seen in the Bahamas or some of the islands in the Caribbean. The tropical flora in the Keys adds to every single home with palm trees, fruit trees, and absolutely mesmerizing floral scents.

THE HISTORY The Keys have wonderful museums about years ago. You can learn about  the adventures of real life pirates, the first and only overseas railroad, tragedies of many hurricanes, and the most enticing over 1000 shipwrecks that lie in the shallow shores right off of the islands. Side note: one of the ships The Atocha sank right off the coast with an estimated 400 million dollars aboard and it is only recorded that about 10% has been found.

THE BEAUTY Have you ever seen pictures of the Florida Keys? It is absolutely breathtaking at every single inch, from the wetlands of the southern Everglades to the tip of Key West there is absolutely beauty in every inch. From the view of the ocean where you don’t know where the shy begins and the ocean ends, to the marine life, to the beautiful flora you will never get bored of your surroundings.


So get your flip flops together and a couple of bathing suits and head down to the Florida Keys and let us natives welcome you home. You will not have any regrets.