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Dock Appeal: Curb Appeal from the Waterfront

June 6, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

Appealing From the Dock

Yes, we have all heard of curb appeal and what it takes to spruce up the exterior of your home but when you are looking to buy a home in the Florida Keys it becomes a little less about appealing from the curb and more about appealing from the dock.  So, what are some tips that you can use in order to give your house a little bit of excitement? Check out the suggestions below!

Keep Things Clean

With all of the seagulls that swarm around virtually every dock in the Keys, it is a good idea to clean your roof in order to rid it of any bird droppings or salt residue from the ocean.  How can you wash your roof? Avoid the ridiculousness of scrubbing your roof tiles with a sponge by hand and use a pressure washer!

Power washers are also great to clean off your stucco, siding, boat dock, or even garage door in order to keep everything looking its best.

Dress It Up

Because so many of the houses in the Keys tend to look the same from your boat, why not dress your house up and make it a little more visible?! If you’re feeling really daring, try painting your exterior stucco a fun bright color like an orange or a yellow.  Think Caribbean, and you have the island feeling most people move to the Florida Keys to find. If you just want to add a little pop to the overall appeal of your home, add color decorative tiles or simply accessorize your dock or deck with Adirondack chairs, a side table, and even an umbrella to shade you from the Florida sun.   Just remember that whatever patio furniture you decide to add to the mix—it should match.  Have fun with your décor and get outdoor pillows, flower pots, and even outdoor rugs to make an entire outdoor living area that can be spotted from the shore.

Even a waterfront condo unit can be dressed up – you may not be able to add a splash of color with paint, but colorful plants and the right furniture on the balcony can create the wow factor you want. Pay attention to how the drapes look from the outside. Sliding glass doors and windows should be kept streak free, of course.


Remember that just because you are trying to make your house look more attractive, it doesn’t mean you have to cut back on the practicalities of the boating life. If your family wake boards a lot you’re your wake board on your wall as a statement art piece that you can take off whenever you want to use it. 


waterfront home
A lush green lawn – rare in the Florida Keys where pearock often replaces
grass —  outdoor furniture groupings, and a weather vane tops off the "dock
appeal" of this canalfront listing in Key Colony Beach.

Keep on top of ideal boating weather by adding a weather vane to your roof or wall of your home.  It adds a decorative touch that the new captain in the house will appreciate. Checking weather online is all well and good, but when you’re ready to decide to head Gulf or Oceanside, a weather vane really helps.

Barbara Johnson works in real estate and enjoys finding her clients the perfect homes. In addition, she shares her home improvement and gardening tips with others through blogging about everything from tulips to installation of commercial doors in Edmonton.