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Voting is a Privilege and a Duty

October 16, 2012 News

I want to say that I am proud to be an American.  Yes, our country has problems; yes, things could be better and as Dorothy said in the land of Oz, “There is no place like home.”  America is my home and I am blessed to live here.  This past weekend I decided to go to my library and pull out a book called America’s Greatest Documents.  After consulting the index I found the “Declaration of Independence” and read it.  My brother who is an attorney  was a history major and explained how these great men who signed this incredible document that birthed our nation were affected.

He went on to explain that most of them died destitute, some of them had their homes burned and one of them asked that his home be burned as the British had occupied it.  Fortunes turned to poverty, families were destroyed and lives were lost as our country was trying to pull away from the grip of tyranny.  Militias were formed to fight as homes were being quartered. Quartering is when the British army needed to be fed and housed and you were required to accommodate. 

Battle of Lexington Minutemen

When we were raising our four children, I always told them that they not only have the privilege to vote, but the duty and responsibility to exercise that right.  I would say that there was so much blood shed by both men and women for this precious gift that if they did not vote, the blood shed on the soil of these United States would cry out.  Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian get informed first and then vote.  We owe it to all those who have fallen. 

So on November 6, 2012 proudly fly the Flag, pray for the wisdom to make the best choices and go exercise the right of every American to have their voice heard.  I love this country, she has been good to me and I hope I can be good to her by making the right choices on election day.

Best to you and yours,   Paul