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Travel Site or Book Direct?

March 20, 2019 Travel & Tourism, Vacation Rentals

So many travelers are now looking to reserve a vacation rental home instead of a hotel as hotels  cannot beat the value, space, comfort and convenience of a rental home.  Unfortunately, those potential guests are largely looking to vacation rental sites when booking.  This in turn is causing them to pay more in fees and (sometimes) rental rates.  If they were to book directly with the property management company they would avoid the high fees and sometimes be able to find a discounted rate during a not-so-busy time.

The Fees

Most, if not all rental sites charge a service fee.  For example, VRBO, charges a service fee of 6-12% of the cost of the rental, HomeAway charges a service fee of 4-10% and Airbnb charges 0-20%.  This expense is charged directly to the guest.  In addition, guests are also charged a credit card fee each time a payment is made.  The fee averages 2.5% when a domestic card is used and an additional 2% when an international credit card is used.

Not for Everyone

Not all homes are listed on the rental sites and that may include the best homes in that area!  In fact, some of the most popular vacation destination spots have less than half of their rental properties listed on these sights.  The owners and property managers of these homes in the popular vacation destinations chose to not incur that high expense of listing on the renal sites.  The charge for an owner or property manager starts at $499.

Book Direct

Contacting the property management company directly offers the guest many rewards.  The management company has intimate knowledge of the area and can show you which property is best for your needs.  They can also show give you information regarding upcoming activities and events, restaurants and area service providers.  Having on-site property management also allows for peace of mind.  They are on-site and offer 24/7 emergency services as needed.

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