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How To Plan An Unforgettable Sisterhood Spring Retreat

March 18, 2014 Travel & Tourism

“Friends change, lovers leave, sisters are eternal.”

For many, planning a sisterhood retreat can be up against the wall stressful. If it wasn’t enough that you have all your sisters relying on you to make this the all-time best retreat of your collegiate years, you yourself would kind of like to enjoy all your hard work as well; especially if it means you are getting anywhere closer to being voted “Most Spirited” for this year’s superlatives instead of “Dance Machine.”

You can plan a one day retreat in town, or you can go all out and take a road trip for a mini vacation. Just choose someplace that's not more than a few hours drive. For Miami sisters, a retreat to the island chain to the south has the  'wow' factor – and if you want to stay overnight, there are plenty of vacation rentals in places like Key Colony Beach, Florida Keys to give you the most bang for your buck. 

Girls Jumping on the Beach 
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The next few tips will make your retreat so successful other chapters will be jealous they didn’t think of your nifty ideas first and whoever takes over sisterhood chair next year will have a hard time filling in your shoes.

Sister Survival Kits

Depending on the budget you have been given, a souvenir to help your sisters never forget your awesome planning skills can go a long way. Plus what better way to get to a lady’s heart…and into her good gossip than by showering her in gifts? Create a sister survival kit by packing up a goodie bag full of tissues for those emotional moments, sugar cookies to sweeten them up, and taking reference from our all-time favorite legally blonde- snap cards for loving sisterly compliments.

Keeping it Real with Swag

Before your event gets underway order some shirts so that your ladies can show off to other sororities on campus how excited they are for the retreat. Every sorority girl can’t get enough shirts. Customize them to with your retreat theme, Greek letters, and mascot! Ask the ladies to all show up in your new shirts to take a group picture in the beginning and before you know it your event will Instagram famous.

All for One and One for All!

Plan sisterhood bonding activities. Not all sisters get along but you are all there for one valuable cause, your sorority. Look up team building activities that can tie you all together but help highlight your differences in a positive light. This may even make chapter a little less stressful as many organizations use this as a time to get out unresolved issues and keep the peace.

Venue of Stamina

Without a venue that blows your sisters away your retreat could fall apart. The biggest mistake retreat planners make is not enough space for the amount of guests. Whether it’s a daytime event or the whole weekend, room for all your bonding activities is important, and we all know there’s no such thing as light packing for a sorority woman. Lastly check for adequate parking and let your sisters know if they should carpool it to the event. 

The Element of Surprise

Keeping your sisters guessing is the best way to build up the excitement for the retreat. The unknown of where exactly they're going to be staying,  how the day will be planned and what kind of yummy treats they will be receiving will make them anxious to attend. This will also help you with the “my way or the highway” sisters who seem to think fashionably late is in measurements of hours.

This article was written by Rebecca Borchers, a proud sister of Sigma Kappa at Florida International University and a content writer for