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9 Secrets Of Interior Design

November 5, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

Your new home is best compared to a blank canvas–ready for you to bring it to life with art, texture, color and the touches that make a house into a home. Much like creating a fine art masterpiece, taking the first step to designing and decorating a home can be overwhelming. Below, you will find some of the top interior design secrets from designers all over the world.

1.  Scour estate sales and garage sales for bargains:  Beautiful furniture and decor do not have to be expensive. Most designers won't admit it, but some of their most coveted pieces were found at estate sales. You can easily find classic, well-built furniture for a bargain-basement price, and even if you have to have it reupholstered, you'll have a lovely piece that far surpasses the quality of today's furniture. Here in the Florida Keys, there are so many great weekend sales. You can also check the local craigslist for bargains, and the radio Show, Bizaare Bazaar.

2. Get a design consultation: If you like a particular designer's work, ask what they charge for a consultation. In most cases, the advice you get will more than justify the cost. By taking the guesswork out of buying, you'll save money–because you'll know just what to buy and where to get it.

3. Paint the walls in neutral tones: If you want color, add it in the form of accessories and art while keeping walls and ceilings neutral. The most successful color schemes are a combination of light, dark, neutral and bright. One accent wall can also add a dramatic flair, but be careful not to over do it. Intense color on walls can make a room seem smaller.

The bedroom of 320 11th Street, (Key Colony Beach) uses a neutral palette on the walls and floors. 

4.  Choose fabrics before paint colors: It's much easier to coordinate paint with fabric than the other way around. When you're selecting your color palette, assess how your walls' paint color reacts to light. A wall that looks like a garden green in the morning can look gray at dusk.

5. Take pictures: Your space should be balanced in height, without being too 'matchy-matchy'. The best way to look at your space is with an unbiased eye–take photographs to get an impartial look.

6. Accessories come in threes: This is another tip designers don't readily share. Similarly-sized items should be arranged in groups of three, using the least-prominent color in your scheme. Don't be afraid to blend textures, either.

7. Add a dimmer switch: It's not about adding something–it's about what your traditional lighting is taking away. You can change the mood in your room simply by adjusting the dimmer! Whether you choose an integrated or a simple style, installation is the toughest part.

8. Double up your decor: Repetition is usually a bad thing–unless you're talking about interior design, that is. One lamp may be an 'accent piece' but two or three is a 'conversation starter'.

9. Use paint as an accessory: Molding and wallpaper help to break the monotony of a monotone wall, but painted patterns do the job just as well. When you're choosing paint colors, give some consideration to sheen and shade. The more contrast you have, the more drama you'll create. Repeating patterns also lends an finished look.

Hiring an interior decorator or designer can be expensive, but it's possible to give a chic look to your home at a fraction of the price. By following the design tips given above, you can make your home look like a page from a design magazine.

Philippa often writes interior design articles and she thought it was about time she shared her top interior design secrets. Philippa often sources her ideas from the Internal Doors site.

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