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Relocating to the Florida Keys Guide

June 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Whether you are relocating because of a job or to be closer to family, relocation can be a very crazy and scary process but we are here to help.  Below is a step-by-step guide that we hope helps you before, during and after your move.

Step 1:  Research the Area

While the Florida Keys is not a huge area, there are many differences in each area that may or may not suit your individual needs.   We suggest to first take a look at all of the city guides and learn about each area of the city.  Then, after you have chosen your desired city, put in your prices parameters to see if that city offers homes within that price range.  If so, explore those further.  If not, you may need to consider an area close by where the homes may be in your price range.

Step 2:  Contact an Area Realtor

Finding an area Realtor who is knowledgeable about the current real estate market and relocation process can save you a lot of time right away.  We have worked with many people that are months away from moving and help them narrow their search area so that they do not spend so much time looking at places that they will not like once they see it in person.  For help with a housing search, please visit Key Colony Beach Realty to begin.

Step 3:  Housing Needs & Wants

Once you set your price parameters, it is then time to decide what you need versus what you want.  Then prioritize what’s most important to you in terms of the house you want to buy.  Are schools important?  Is commute time matter?  Can you afford the homes where you are looking?  Do you need to be within walking distance to shop and restaurants?  What are your long term needs?

Step 4:  Register for an Email Home Search

Once you have chosen an area, ask your Realtor to set you up for an email home search.  This search will notify you of new listings, price reductions and homes that have gone under contract as soon as the information is entered into the MLS system.

Step 5:  Schedule a Scouting Trip

Plan a trip to the Keys and stay in the area that you have selected to be sure that your pick is the right place for you.  Drive around and look at the area.  Can you envision yourself living here?  All of the Chambers of Commerce will have maps of the city to help you with directions.

Step 6:  Find a Home & Move

At this point, you should have directed your Realtor to only show you the homes in your specific area. Now that you have seen the area, you are better able to decide which home will work best for you.

A good reference for phone numbers can be found by reading the blow post.

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