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Have Real Estate Agents Learned Our Lesson?

March 22, 2011 Real Estate Reports

A recent article suggested, Real Estate Agents Still Haven’t Learned Their Lesson.

It pains me that there are real estate agents out there who limit the number of houses they will show clients because they want to push them
into something quickly and move on to the next sale. Or agents who talk
their clients into spending more than they are comfortable spending or
who tell you your house is worth more than it is just so they get the
listing. Or those tell you things about their client that they shouldn’t
reveal – things that impact their client being able to cut a fair deal
such as a divorce or job loss. My most recent counterpart told me
repeatedly that his client was “crazy” and “a total nutjob.”

Of course, I’m sure that the agents here at Key Colony Beach Realty don’t gossip about clients and are careful to represent their client’s best interests. But it does reflect on our profession, and I think it’s an important issue.

Have you had experiences in this realm that affect how you view your real estate agent?