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Rx For Stress: Chill In The Florida Keys

February 4, 2013 Travel & Tourism

Spend your vacation exploring the islands surrounding Marathon in the Florida Keys, and your memories of modern life’s hectic pace will swiftly melt away. The sparkling sea meets clear skies nearly every morning, and the warm sun shines down upon the white sand beaches. Refreshing ocean breezes rustle through palm fronds while you lie by […]

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5 Keys To Vacationing With Teenagers

January 30, 2013 Travel & Tourism

Many parents look forward to a family vacation, a special time away from the usual daily demands of life when you can make memories with the kids that last a lifetime. Taking a family vacation with one or more teenagers in tow can be a challenge for everyone–parents and teens alike. By taking a few […]

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Top Ten Travel Destinations For Dolphin Swims

January 29, 2013 Travel & Tourism

A look at 10 of the best holiday destinations to swim with dolphins – and yes, the Florida Keys is at the top of the list!  Swimming with dolphins is unforgettable but it's surprisingly different in every location. Some of the best places to go swimming with these amazing, gentle creatures offer unique experiences in […]

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