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6 Off the Beaten Path Activities in Honolulu

November 15, 2012 Travel & Tourism

For both the new and seasoned traveller alike, Honolulu is synonymous with paradise. White sandy beaches, streets lined with palm trees, and hula dancers in grass skirts are all images that come to mind when thinking of Hawaii's largest city. Visitors to the islands appreciate the small metropolis that is Honolulu, but those seeking adventures […]

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The Holiday Season is Upon Us

November 6, 2012 Florida Keys Lifestyle

Well the holiday season is upon us and I will say that this is my favorite time of the year.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I'm looking forward to seeing our grown children and their spouses come visit us.  Knowing my wife, she'll be baking for days on end and the house will be filled […]

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Unique Places for Corvette Lovers To Travel

October 31, 2012 Travel & Tourism

The Corvette has inspired passion among generations. While America's favorite sports car is an icon unto itself, the country is full of great places to visit that relate to the Corvette. Here are a few inspirations for your next trip – whether you travel by Corvette or any other means. The National Corvette Museum The […]

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4 Basic Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

October 29, 2012 Real Estate Reports

Fortunate are those who have enough of cash to purchase a property without a mortgage – it’s a tight lending market! But for many buyers,  finding the down payment is not the biggest issue – finding a lender is the challenge. Savvy buyers know they need to do everything to make their loan application as […]

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