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5 Ways To Turn Your Garden Into an Oasis of Relaxation

February 27, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

What do you love best about your garden and patio area at the moment? When you have all that space outside your home — and the glorious weather in the Florida Keys, it's important you use it. Some people love nothing more plan growing vegetables or planting flowers – and winter can be a great time to grow all sorts of vegetables in Florida! And gardeners certainly get a lot of satisfaction out of tending their plants as they mature.

Others use the back deck for grilling – an outdoor kitchen, if you will. But the best use of your outdoor space might be to turn it into a sanctuary for relaxation.

1. A place to do yoga

Of all the exercises in the world there problem  aren't any that are more relaxing than yoga. Since you don't need much space to perform your moves you can build a little gazebo with its own roof. The reason you should get a roof is because it still rains in summer and you don't want it affecting your schedule. It's actually pretty relaxing performing your yoga moves in the rain provided you have a roof above you because the pitter patter of rainfall is soothing to the soul. A yoga gazebo is also a great place for meditation.

waterfront gazebo and hammock
Image by Bill Ward 

2. Are there any palm  trees?

If you have some palms with tall trunk  in your garden then you have the possibility of being transported to the most relaxing place on earth. This place is inside your mind and it only happens when you're lying inside a hammock. It's a great place to lie outside so you can catch a suntan, but it's equally good just chilling out in the shade and reading a book. Don't worry if your palms aren't tall enough – they make hammocks with stands, too.

3. What about a swimming pool?

Image by SuperFantastic

As soon as you wake up in the morning you can swim a few lengths to prepare yourself for the day ahead if you have your own swimming pool. Not everyone can fit one inside their yard, — at least not to swim lapss in — but if you have the space, it would be so much fun. During the hot days of a Florida Keys summer, you will appreciate a way to cool off – and no matter what time of year, it's always a great time to invite friends over pool party. Partying should be classed as a way to relax, right?

4. Install a hot tub

If you don't have any space for a swimming pool then maybe a hot tub is the next best thing. One thing that does make it more relaxing is the fact you can sit underneath the stars and you relax in the warm bubbles. It's very easy to maintain and because the price of hot tubs has come down over the years it's not something reserved for the wealthy anymore. You can't deny it would be the perfect place to unwind when you come home from a hard day at the office – or fishing. .

5. A pond with running water

Not everyone can splash out the cash on a fancy swimming pool but that doesn't mean you can't be soothed by the sound of running water. A pond with a fountain or water feature can add very relaxing sounds to enhance your time relaxing in your hammock. You can build a simple pond, or go one better and turn it into a fancy oasis.

After all, it's the Florida Keys – and relaxing is what we do best here.