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Newest Decorating Trends – Good or Bad?

March 7, 2018 Real Estate Reports

New decorating trends posted on-line look so beautiful and just perfect for that one space that needs a little update, however if you are planning to sell your home anytime in the near future, there are some trends out there that may hurt your sale.  I myself have been guilty of the most recent “gray” color trend.  So. Much. Gray.  Thankfully, we love our home and have no plans to move so we have plenty of time to change.

Listed below, from Florida Realtors and, are some good tips that can help you if you are planning to redecorate before you sell.


Bold wallpaper with bright colors and geometric shapes has been a popular trend lately, particularly in smaller bedrooms.  “It’s better to not overdo it with bold, bright patterns even thou these may be in style for now, particularly for wallpaper,” says Jamie Williams, founder of Studio JW in Brooklyn, NY.  “When selling, you want your home’s positive to show and inspire potential home buyers to use their imagination to envision themselves in your home.”

Bold-Patterned Tiles

Tiles that boast intricate, colorful designs are getting trendy in kitchens and bathrooms but they can be divisive.  “The pattern may be on-trend, but will become outdated soon and turn some buyers off,” says Williams.

Too Much White

White may be a neutral color but too much of it can make a home feel cold.  “If your home’s architecture and interior is ultramodern, you want to make sure it doesn’t come off as too cold or uninviting,” Williams told  “The sleek, European, monochromatic palette is fashionable but can lack conveying a warmth and coziness that a home buyer wants to feel when looking for their next home.”

Brass and Copper Overload

Copper, brass, rose gold, and other warm metals are surging in popularity lately. Designers recommend those who plan to sell soon, however avoid choosing one of these trendy metals for their bathroom or kitchen fixtures.  Instead, they recommend opting for more neutral metals like stainless steel, chrome or nickel for fixtures.

Too Loud a Statement Door

A door in a vibrant color can certainly boost curb appeal but with the wrong color it could be too attention-getting in the wrong way.  Dawn D. Totty, an interior designer in Chattanooga, TN., says that a buyer’s favorite colors tend to be black or red doors.