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Transform Your Home and Lifestyle with a New Kitchen

May 28, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

The kitchen is without doubt the heart of the home but it’s also the room that gets the most abuse! Because of the amount of time you and your family spend in there you’ll find that fixtures and fittings start to look a bit rough around the edges. Most people put off getting a new kitchen fitted because they are terrified of what it is going to cost, but it needn’t be that scary – there are ways of keeping costs down.

A new kitchen will add a lot of money to the value of your house, and more importantly it will add to your quality of life. No more cupboard doors hanging off, no more lino peeling away and no more hobs that don’t work, a new kitchen will make your life easier in so many ways. The kitchen is the room that you generally greet guests in, and you will be so proud of your new kitchen you’ll find yourself hosting many more parties!

What’s the First Step Then?

Deciding you need a new kitchen is the first step in transforming it. Once you're sure that’s what you want to do it’s time to assess what you actually need. Make a wish-list and don’t hesitate to put everything you’ve dreamt of on the list. Have you always wanted a pantry, for example? How about a stand for a coffee maker? Go mad when you’re listing – you can always tame it down if the quotes start to look a little too large! The exercise will help you make sure you do get what you really want.

Call In the Experts

There are loads of companies who are skilled in fitting new kitchens. You don’t have to buy your kitchen from them – you can get it from where you want, but many kitchen shops offer discounted fitting prices when you buy with them – and you don't know where the next great idea is coming from. Get a lot of estimates both for the kitchen and for the fitting and work out which will be the overall best for value for money.


Take time to think about colors and styles. It’s good to think of a theme – many people opt for a light and positive colour like yellow for their kitchen. Choose paint and flooring that is sympathetic to the theme – it’ll help you narrow your choices down. Think really carefully about what you want where – make the kitchen work for you.


What really sets a kitchen off beautifully is loads of unique little bits and pieces dotted around. Trawl charity shops and junkyards for sets of antique cupboard door handles and look for other things that you could put in the kitchen that will add personality and character. Make sure there are plenty of shelves up in the design of the kitchen so you have lots of room to display your favourite crockery, and perhaps somewhere to put a vase of flowers or an arrangment of sea shells you've collected on beach walks.

A new kitchen will leave you beaming with pride and you’ll feel inspired to go ahead and tackle the next room on the list! The key is to always mix modern with vintage for a truly individual style.

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