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Key Colony Beach Realty Post Hurricane Irma

October 24, 2017 Events

The morning of September 10, 2017 will stick with us for a while but I cannot tell you what a difference a month makes!  The City of Key Colony Beach, the landscapers, the construction workers, the FKAA, the FKEC, AT&T and (yes even) Comcast have done such a great job of restoring our community and getting us back up and running.

Lisa, Karen and Tyler have been working tirelessly with our vacation rental owners, vacation renters and displaced residents to make sure everyone’s needs are met.  We are so very proud of our vacation rental owners, as many of them that did not suffer any damage, drastically discounted their normal rental rates to accommodate displaced residents while their homes were being repaired.

Some of our vacation rental homes did suffer some damage but will be ready in time for our winter guests while a few homes sadly will not.

Sparky’s, Havana Jacks, The Cabana Club, Key Colony Inn and Leigh Ann’s Coffee Shop all suffered great damage and all are currently still closed with the exception of Key Colony Inn.  Key Colony Inn opened last night and will host The Red Elvis’ this evening.  We anticipate that Havana Jacks will open on December 1st.  We are sad to report that the “word on the street” is that Sparky’s and Leigh Ann’s will not be re-opening.