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Job Growth Shows Strength In The Florida Keys

October 27, 2011 News

Islands of Marathon logo, Florida KeysThe Fabulous Florida Keys are once again in the headlines! Monroe County, Florida Keys, led the state, again, in posting the lowest unemployment numbers among Florida’s 67 counties, according to the Keynoter Newspaper.  The 6.7 percent unemployment rate is down from a year ago when the numbers were 8.6 percent. This improvement in the jobs picture is tied to strong tourism numbers. Hotel occupancy levels, average room rates, arrivals at the Key West Airport are all up over the same period last year.  According to Peter Horton, airport director, 510,000 arrivals have been counted at the Key West Airport and it’s only October!

So, the bottom line is whether your vacationing, renting year round or looking to buy a home and move to the Keys… things are moving in a positive direction for the small island chain! “Come back to the Keys”! You’ll be glad you did.

Warm regards from the Keys, Judy Cinque