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2014’s Hottest Bathroom Trends

January 30, 2014 Florida Keys Lifestyle

2014 is a great year for doing some renovation and redecoration. There are plenty of amazing trends out there that make decoration fun again. Bathroom is a really central part of a functioning home and you should really take some time this year to create your dream bathroom. In order to go with something really trendy, here are the hottest trends to look out for at the moment.

Black Is Back

There is one really exciting colour trend you should definitely go for in 2014 and that is black. Black is quite a bold colour, especially since in general the bathroom colours this year are very neutral, but it adds a lot of authority into a bathroom.

Don’t go with a full black bathroom. Black is to be used as a colour block in the bathroom and only include it in the detail. For example, having a black bath this year is going to look really trendy. You could also use black in showerheads or in the tiles as an occasional color block.

Even if you aren't doing a complete remodel, replacing a vanity with a stylish black granite counter as the owners did in this waterfront home for sale in Marathon is a great way to update the look of the bathroom: 

black vanity in Marathon home for sale

Floating Sinks

There are also plenty of floating sinks around this year. This is actually not so much a vanity item but can make organising the bathroom a lot quicker. When your sink has no legs you can clean the floor really simply and it is going to create a nice flowing look for your bathroom.

Check out this Decoist article on different floating sinks and styles of using them. There are plenty of good ways of doing it and it doesn’t always mean you lose out on storage space.

Simple Matte Tiles

Simplicity is really the key in bathroom design in 2014 and keeping the colours very neutral is going to help you achieve this. You can go for something very sophisticated and have an all white bathroom with perhaps a little bit of black in the detail.

You could also use some powdery matte tiles. Colours like grey and brown look really good as a matte finish. This is because matte doesn’t shine and reflect and thus it keeps the light under control.

Green Solutions

It is also really important that your bathroom takes advantage of green solutions. Eco-friendly way of living isn’t just beneficial for the environment; it can even help you save some money.

Bathroom is a great place to start making greener decisions. For example, look for luxurious shower heads from AGUAFLUX. Getting a water saving shower head will add style to your bathroom and will also be good for your wallet.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles

If there is one material you want to include for your bathroom in 2014 it should be marble. This is going to add a splash of luxury for your bathroom and will create a nice simple look. Use marble in a very modern way because you don’t want to make it look too dated.

Marble isn’t as expensive as you might think either. You can find plenty of good marble dealers online and you also don’t need to include that much of it in order to get the benefit. In this bathroom, only the shower enclosure has been tiled in marble, lending a spa feeling to shower time:

marble tiled shower enclosure

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