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Home Seller Tips – Affordable Fixes For Maximum Sales Value

January 14, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

For many years now TV channels have been running shows that advise us on how to sell our houses. Whether it's selling a house that has been on the market for a protracted period in a seemingly ‘unsellable’ state or enabling vendors to reach the optimum purchase price, advice is constantly on hand to improve this situation.

So aware are we of the ‘property ladder’ that many new house-buyers now look further than the their personal desires for potential purchse, they weigh up the potential for ‘adding value’ to a property to ensure a good return on their investment when they decide to move on. It's no wonder that we have all begun to think in this way.

Due to the global recession many unfortunate property owners found themselves in negative equity, or at least not having made very much profit. If home improvements are made that ‘add value’ to your home then this tends to guarantee that your home would be worth more than you paid for it, even if the market were to stay at the same level. It is also a way to make up any potential loss that may be incurred by a downward turning market.

Affordable Updates and ‘Do-able’ Decor

This kind of advice often frightens homeowners as they jump to the conclusion that adding value will involve major work such as building conservatories, adding en-suite bathrooms or landscaping gardens. Although such investments could really improve a property’s value enormously, if you simply don’t have the money to complete such a project in the first place then it isn't worth considering.

However, there is some good news! There are smaller, simpler changes that you can make to your home that will instantly transform and update the look of your interiors, and ultimately improve your chances of a successful sale at the top dollar.

Cupboard Love

In my house anything that Kirstie and Phil from ‘Location, Location, Location’ say about selling houses is the law! Whether or not this is the case in your house, one tip that they always emphasise is that "Kitchens and Bathrooms sell houses." An old-fashioned kitchen or bathroom suite really dates a property and unfortunately can’t be improved quite as quickly as adding a new lick of paint in a contemporary colour. However, help is at hand. If you don’t want to replace your entire kitchen or bath, you can simply replace cupboard doors, bath or shower enclosures and install updated mirrors. Adding contemporary fronts to existing fittings can quite affordably and stylishly achieve an instantly more ‘high spec’ image.

New cabinets gave a fresh, updated look to the kitchen in this home for sale in Key Colony Beach (MLS#559363):

new kitchen cabinets in home for sale

Handling Your Hot Property

Something that can instantly add a different look to a room is replacing your door knobs, handles and other hardware. Whether you want to create the feel of a cosy log cabin, a vintage parlour or the slick, modern, clean lines of a new build, you can add a new fresh atmosphere to your rooms by replacing something this simple. In addition to being a stylish design addition, door-knobs and handles can be easily replaced, something that can be done in an afternoon rather than days of work by independent contractors. Designs are varied and non-restrictive; you can quite literally achieve any style you wish!

Light Up Your Life

Similarly to hardware and door knobs, light switch fittings are another simple change that you can make to your rooms. In the past a light switch fitting would simply be a functional fixture in a neutral colour and certainly something that you would not think of including in your design plans. However, rather than something that would be expected to blend in, light switch fittings are becoming a design feature in themselves. Whether you want an ‘ultra-modern’ chrome, stainless steel or black nickel look, or a vintage brass or copper feel, light switch fittings are now easy to affix as they come without screws. Again inexpensive and simple, it is attention to detail like this that gives the finishing touches to an interior that will continue to impress potential house buyers.