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Home Inspection Facts

August 7, 2019 Uncategorized

The purpose a for home inspection is to ensure that the home is in good condition.  The inspection report will outline any areas requiring minor and/or major repairs as well as indicating any problems with the building itself.  There are some misconceptions regarding the home inspection process and what you can expect from the home inspection report.  We are going to clear some of those misconceptions up.

Myth:  You (or your representative) do not need to be present during the home inspection because everything will be in the report.

Fact:  While the report will give you excellent information and point out any issues with the property, the inspector will be very generous in giving the owner tips and advice in most areas of the home.  It is a great learning experience.

Myth:  An appraisal is just as good as a home inspection.

Fact:  An appraisal and a home inspection are two totally different things. An appraisal simply puts a value on a property in accordance with the sales of similar properties in that market.  It does not give the condition of the properties roof, electric system, appliances, etc.

Myth:  The Seller will repair any issues found during the home inspection.

Fact:  While the inspection report can be use as a negotiating tool, a seller has no legal obligation to fix any items listed.