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Hisbiscus – Floral Symbol Of The Tropics

July 11, 2012 Florida Keys Pictures and Photos

From the simplest red to exotic multi-colored hybrids, no flower quite says says welcome to the tropical flora of the Florida Keys than the hibiscus. The hardy flowering shrub is particularly popular with island gardeners for both its stunning blooms and its ease of care. 

Large trumpet shaped flowers range in size from 4 centimeters to as large as 18 centimeters across and  bloom in a variety of colors from white to all shades of pink, red, orange, purple and yellow. Some blooms change in color throughout the day. 

simple 5 petal hibiscus

Most hibiscus are five petals as the ones above, but complex multi-petals are more and more common:

crimson petaled hibiscus

If you’re new to the Florida Keys, you’ll probably want to plant some of these easy care showstoppers around your new home. 

Exotic hybrids can come in a wide variety of colors and imaginative patterns like the hibiscus above and the Painted Pony Twins below. More on hibiscus care and where to buy exotic hybrids:

Painted Pony Twin Hibiscus

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Simply pretty in pink: