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Florida Keys Seascapes – It’s About the Clouds

August 2, 2012 Florida Keys Pictures and Photos

If you’re blessed enough to live in the Florida Keys, you know the skyscape and seascape is far more important than the landscape. And if you follow this blog, you might conclude, it’s all about the clouds. 

sunrise amongst the clouds

The clouds – above and below – are the canvas for the morning sun.


Keys visitors often expect the our best sunsets to be cloud free but soon find that it’s the painted clouds that made our nightly show world famous. 

sunset over Newfound Harbor

sea oats and clouds

It’s the clouds – not the sea oats – that make this photo dramatic. The sea oats lend perspective, though.


Still morning on the harbor; reflected clouds over the causeway.

Warm regards from the Keys! M.J. Taylor & Judy Cinque