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Hunting Florida Keys Lobster At Night!

August 18, 2011 News

The other day I got a call from a friend around 9:00 at night asking me if I wanted to catch some lobster.  I said …………… there in 10 minutes.  The night was clear,  balmy and the winds were gentle.  For those of you that have never caught lobster with a bully net and you like to catch them, this is the life.  At night they are just walking around trying to forage some food oblivious to what awaits them.  You on the other hand are high and dry.  No current to fight and no sun beating down on you.

We had a great time, put some lobster in the boat, had some great conversation and was home by 11:00.  Not a bead of sweat dropped off my brow.  As a local, sometimes I forget to enjoy the very things that drew me to the Keys.  The other night I remembered and enjoyed.

Florida Lobster on the reef

Best to you and yours……………Paul