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Say Ahhhh! The Perks of Living in the Florida Keys….

November 21, 2016 Florida Keys Lifestyle

If you close your eyes and picture paradise, most will imagine images of aquamarine water and palm trees dotting the shoreline.  For most, it is merely a dream but for residents of the Florida Keys, it’s our daily reality.  The natural beauty of this place is something that grabs a lot of people.  There is something so calming about seeing the ocean every day.  Living here has a lot of value and emotional appeal.  In a busy world, having this much calm is something that the Florida Keys can offer you.

Waterfront Florida Keys
Photo Courtesy of Ines Hegedus-Garcia

While a lot of people have to set a vacation time to come visit, residents can have a vacation much more frequently just by living here.  There is never a shortage of activities to enjoy because we are a vacation destination.  Almost always, you name it, you can do it here.  There is something going on every night of the week somewhere on one of the islands.  Locals enjoy listening to music, eating at one of the many restaurants and participating in any of the numerous outdoor activities that we have available to us.

jumping marlin
Jumping marlin courtesy of Kelly's Green

Because we are able to enjoy a year long summer, the outdoor activities are endless.  Of course there is fishing and boating, kayaking, walks on the beach, people watching, bird watching, tennis, biking, golf and even miniature golf.  For the few times that the weather may not allow these activities there are live theaters, movie theaters and countless museums.  We are always discovering something new.

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