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The Florida Keys Lifestyle: The Grand Illusion

October 5, 2012 Florida Keys Lifestyle

A lot of people ask me, what’s it like living in the Florida Keys?  After the initial question invariably they say, “Wow must be nice”.  Well to be perfectly honest, yes it is.  My rush hour commute to work takes 5 minutes while I look over the Gulf of Mexico watching the boats go by.  Many times I think to myself, man I wish I was on my boat, but, hey, duty calls.  The reason many people ask that question and then make the comment is that the Keys have that kind of allure. 

Sometimes when I come from a hard day at work “slugging” through that rush hour traffic, I will share with my wife what someone said about living in the Keys.  She many times will look me in the face and say “Paul, it is the Grand Illusion.”   What she means by that is most folks are on vacation, letting down…no work… no responsibility and all play. They simply forget that Paul is having to go to work and can’t just head out to the beach for the day or load up the boat and drop a line. Seems like my favorite uncle (The US government)always has his hand out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Keys and they have been very good to myself and my family.  We moved down here over 40 years ago and I have to say to my Mom and Dad…great choice.  I call Key Colony Beach and Marathon my home and to be sure, they have been kind to my children as well.  We don’t rush around to much down here.  We will kick it into gear when we have to, but prefer not to. 

Sombrero Beach

One thing about our community, there are many, many very generous people that graciously share their time, treasure and talent so to speak.  I can not begin to tell you how many newspaper stories I have read about a local family having something tragic happen to them and the community rallies around them.  I’m talking about fundraisers and events to help these families.  Local banks and merchants are mentioned as drop off points to help these locals.  Kinda reminds of the classic movie by Frank Capra “Its a Wonderful Life” The scene is where Jimmy Stewart is reminding the local grouchy banker Lionel Barrymore after he complains about who money is being lent to that he forgot who does the living and dying in this town called Bedford Falls.

The Keys are not for everyone, but if you like a slower pace, a great community, warm weather in the winter, abhor rush hour traffic and like a scenic drive overlooking the Gulf and or the ocean……. consider the Keys and get some sand in your shoes.

Best to you and yours…Paul

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