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The Florida Keys Are For the Bird(watcher)s!

July 19, 2012 Florida Keys Lifestyle

On the Florida Birding Trail … 

Are you interested in birds? Do you love the Florida Keys? Then you’re in the right place…. enjoy!

Bald Eagle in the Keys

To visitors and residents of the Florida Keys, it’s notentirely out of the ordinary to spot a bald eagle (above), an osprey’s nest, a sooty
tern or some other interesting rare or aquatic bird. Frigate birds follow the weed
lines where the Gulfstream flows along the Florida Straits, alerting the
anglers where to troll for dolphin. A stroll along Sombrero Beach may reveal a great
blue heron wading in the shallows, fishing for its dinner like the one below.

Great Blue Heron Sombero Beach

The islands of the Florida Keys attracts folks who love the outdoors and
the wildlife of the warm waters. The Keys also have interesting land based
animals and birds – from the rare, diminutive Key Deer on Big Pine, to the
protected White Crowned Pigeon.

 Osprey (aka sea eagles) often build their nests on light poles or other man made perches high above the water. 


In the seagull picture below… look who is peeking at the festivities in the upper left hand corner…a beautiful White Heron!

Gulls and Egret

Ibis in the Keys


Pelican Photo by Liza Daly.

Warm regards from the Keys! Judy Cinque