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Top 8 Family Friendly Summer Vacation Spots

March 5, 2014 Travel & Tourism

A great vacation is the perfect way to spend some family time during the summer. There are many places to choose from, but some of them stick out and provide wonderful experiences and fun for the entire family. Some of these places include Lake of The Arbuckles, The Keys in Florida, Orlando, and the Grand Canyon.

Lake of the Arbuckles

One place to consider is Lake of the Arbuckles, located in Sulphur, Oklahoma. The lake has thirty six miles of shoreline and over two thousand acres of water. The water is crystal clear, and there are many things to enjoy while at the lake. There are campgrounds, an amphitheater, boat docks, biking and hiking trails, swimming, and other water sports. Paddling in kayaks is very popular with the kids: 


Florida Keys

The second great summer vacation spot is the Florida Keys. The Keys have a lot of diversity and stretch over one hundred miles. The Overseas Highway connects the islands together with many bridges. There are clear waters to swim in, great fishing, dolphin shows, and warm weather throughout the year. Key West is a must see while visiting The Keys, as it is home to the southernmost point in the United States – but do consider staying right here on hour host's island, Key Colony Beach, the crown jewel of the middle Florida Keys. You'll be close enough to visit all the attactions from Key West to Key Largo. 

waters of the Florida Keys

Orlando, Florida

A third vacation spot is Orlando, Florida. Orlando is the home of Disney World, a magical kingdom that is fun for people of all ages. It is perfect for families, because children will love the park and there is nightlife for the adults to enjoy as well. There are also parks in the area that are great for camping and swimming. 

Grand Canyon

A fourth place for families to visit is the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a popular destination, and is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon offers amazing views from the top, and you can enjoy hiking and watching the wildlife. There is also the Christmas Polar Express that offers a relaxing ride from Williams to the South Rim. Of course there is nothing like rafting the Colorado Rover in the canyon – the kids will love the rapids and of course there will be waterfights!

water fight on the colorado river

Southern California

A fifth great vacation spot for families is Southern California. The Los Angeles area has beaches with the warm ocean breeze and Hollywood. There is also Disneyland and Universal Studios which will provide lots of fun for children of all ages. San Diego, located further south, also has beautiful beaches, Legoland, and Sea World. 


A sixth top family vacation destination is Hawaii. There are a few islands in Hawaii that offer different perspectives. Oahu has almost six hundred square miles of land including Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. The area has shallow beaches and a lagoon thats perfect for children. 

New York City

A seventh great place for families is New York City. New York City has many fun things to do including art museums and the Natural History Museum where children can see skeletons of real dinosaurs that used to live on Earth. There are also amazing toy stores that offer lots of fun, and there are some beaches located close to the city. 

A Cruise

The eighth great destination for a family vacation is to take a cruise. Cruise ships offer a unique experience because you can enjoy all the fun activities on board while traveling to different parts of the world. Children will love the pool and will get to experience different counties all on one family vacation.

There are many places across the country and the world to visit. These are the top eight family vacation spots that offer something fun for everyone in the family. Each one offers different experiences while still providing a variety of fun activities.

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