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Does Size Really Matter?

October 10, 2018 Real Estate Reports

Big vs. Little

Apparently, size really doesn’t matter anymore when selecting a Realtor and Real Estate Agency.  For many years, the larger (and franchised) offices have tried and mostly succeeded in convincing potential Buyers and Sellers that Bigger is Better when it comes to Real Estate.  They tried to sell you on the idea that they would promote your property with more advertising, a broader network and more agents trying to sell your property.   While this may have been the way many, many years ago it is just not true today.

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

The MLS is a database consisting of properties for sale within a particular region that is accessible for all Real Estate Agents.  The database also consists of pending and closed sales for easy and accurate comparisons when assessing the value of other properties.  Each MLS is maintained by the local Association of Real Estate Brokers and their Agents and also feeds directly into other Real Estate sites such as The MLS is still the biggest and best way for a property to be shared with other Realtors in the Region that the property is located.  So at this point, it is irrelevant how big the agency because the information is shared with everyone in every agency.

Local Advertising 

The two best ways to get your property out there at the local level is to advertise in local newspapers and to have an open houses.  This has also proven to be the best way to target those few who are not active in social media.  The tools used to at the local level are utilized by all Realtors in the area and are used to raise awareness within the community so that the word can be spread to friends and family that may have interest and have not been in contact with an Agent for various reasons.

Social Media

With about 90% of Buyers and Sellers participating in some sort of social media platform, marketing in these areas is a must and regardless of the size of the agency, you can be assured that your property is being marketed to virtually everyone who is searching on line.  The social media platform has had a serious impact on the Real Estate industry and has determined that it is irrelevant how big the agency is.