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September 21, 2011 New Listings

What Makes The Island Of Key Colony Beach So Special?  Why Vacation Here?  The Facts Say It All…

 We are the absolute gem of the Florida Keys!  All inclusive, tranquil, quaint and nestled in a remote setting.  We are surrounded by beautiful foliage, turkoise waters, salty air, breathtaking and picturesque.  The sky and the sea all become one. 

  It is the kind of place that explorers seek to discover the vast richness of nature in a  perfect art form.  We have three parks, one of  the most special of the three happens to be on the ocean.  At Sunset Park, the land is covered in green grass, a tiny white sandy beach, palm trees, tiki hut, benches, and a seating area to read, write, and enjoy your lunch.  There is also a dock that jets out into the ocean.  It is the perfect place for capturing an unforgetable sunset.  Throughout the day you will see many sail, speed, and party boats go by, as well as jets skis, canoes, kayaks, frequently grace our waters.  There is always something fun to do.  And when it comes time to doing nothing at all ,thats perfectly fine too, relax under the sunsetting sky, and when you are finished, relax some more underneath the moon and stars.  It is then you will realize the masterpiece of them all ~ is defintely~Key Colony Beach…