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Have Your Christmas Decorations Lost Their Sparkle?

November 15, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

baubles and christmas cards are great reminders of the festive seasonYes, we're all guilty of it. It gets close to. Christmas is rapidly on the way; adverts screaming out everywhere that the man in the red suit is popping in for a visit in not to omany days' time. 

Time to climb into the loft or go to the storage unit and get out the decorations — probably the same ones that have been decking the halls of your home for years.  But maybe this year it'stime for a change? There are many different options to bring some life back into your Christmas festivities, and it doesn't always have to be expensive. Here are some fantastic ideas to get you into the festive spirit and help you update your holyda sparkle quotient!

Old Time – Bring Back the Traditional

Think muted colours. On your tree match some simple tied ribbon bows to a selection of traditional items. The Victorian era was a fabulous time well-known for using all sorts of things that they found around the house.  Collect pine cones – there are slash pines on Big Pine – and tie with string. Or why not use pieces of raffia to wrap cinnamon rolls. Dried fruits such as slices of orange, berries and nuts were popular. Small toys from the dollar store work well, too, and can be converted to ornaments with a piece if fishing line or colored string. Can you imagine the warming traditional smells as you arrive home? Fetch a tumbler of mulled wine and enjoy your handiwork.

Santa and His Snowmen – One for the Children

And a great way to get them involved too. Find lots of decorations all related to the great man in red. Copy some templates of Santa onto triangle shaped pieces of paper, ask the children to colour them in. Make a long line of different Santas so that they make a fantastic homemade bunting tied with string. There are lots of small Santa and Snowman related ornaments that you can find to decorate your tree and your home.  Match with red ribbons, paper chains, even tinsel if it takes your fancy.

Edible Ornaments! Traditional and Popular – Maybe Too Popular! 

Christmas is a time for eating.  If you think that edible decorations are just chocolate related think again.  Perhaps you'll choose just to have sweets that are purple, for example. Gingerbread is a great festive treat for all the family. Easy to make, use cutters to create shapes and decorate with icing. Make sure you poke a hole on the gingerbread before you bake so that you can attach it to the tree with a ribbon. And garlands of popcorn are alwasy a great idea – just be sure to pop enough to eat at the same time! And not just for the tree, have a think of some edible decorations for around your home — how about a festive display of nuts and berries? Edible ornaments are also a great way to decorate a small tree if you're spending the holidays on vacation in the Florida Keys. You don't have to carry your ornaments from home but decorating a small tree with these ideas can keep the spirit festive! 

Gingerbread Man on Christmas Tree
Photo by Michael Bentley

Colors – Think of a Rainbow

Red and gold are often the most popular colours when choosing decorations but the sky's the limit when you're thinking about a colour scheme. How about a vivid green or even a vibrant pink? If you're more of a lover of the traditional, a white theme is incredibly effective.  Bring a vanilla scheme into your living space for a relaxed and warm, festive look. For a modern twist, why not try a silver minimalist theme that will bring a futuristic change?   Complementary colours also work well, too — how about orange and gold?

Get Creative With Your Walls

One clever idea is to remove all your paintings and artwork from the wall and wrap them up like Christmas presents, leaving the backing and it's hooks exposed. Then hang the frames back up and voila! Your walls are in the spirit! 

Nativity — Bring Joseph and Mary Home

Christmas is not just a time for presents. For many, it's a time for remembering why we celebrate in the first place. A traditional nativity scene can be beautiful decorative touch and expressive of the most traditional spirut of the day. Many stores sell a complete nativity scene, however you may choose to recreate the entire event in the barn when Mary and Joseph present their baby Jesus to all their well-wishers. If you have children, they will love being able to play with the characters, too.

Nativity Scene
Photo by Jeff Weese


By Geoff Roy – Geoff Roy writes for Cards for Charity who offer Christmas charity cards in aid of various charities.

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