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5 Florida Boating Rules You MUST Know

November 15, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

Boating is one of the largest recreational sports in the Florida. In a state surrounded almost entirely by warm water – not to mention the longest coastline of the lower 48 — visitors from around the world come to Florida for boating and fishing. This is especially true in the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys […]

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9 Secrets Of Interior Design

November 5, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

Your new home is best compared to a blank canvas–ready for you to bring it to life with art, texture, color and the touches that make a house into a home. Much like creating a fine art masterpiece, taking the first step to designing and decorating a home can be overwhelming. Below, you will find […]

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Do You Remember Lava Lamps?

October 8, 2013 Florida Keys Lifestyle

Happy Birthday Lava Lamps! 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic decorative features of the 1960’s. Lava lamps have been with us for five decades and it doesn’t look like they are leaving us any time soon. Loved by some and mocked by others, everyone knows what they are but how […]

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