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Buying a Waterfront Property in the Florida Keys

November 19, 2021 Uncategorized

        The Florida Keys Real Estate is so highly sought after from people all over the globe, mainly because most people who are looking for their first home, vacation home, or even an investment opportunity are in love with a sub tropic climate with sunrises and sunsets everyday right in the middle of the ocean without leaving the United States.  When you want to take advantage of all the Keys have to offer, often, the best choice is to buy one of its available waterfront properties. But, with the many listed waterfront properties for sale in the Florida Keys, there are quite a few considerations that must be taken into account before you make an acquisition. Such considerations will serve as the fine line guaranteeing a successful purchase or one that will make you second guess if you made a good choice or not.

What to Know Before Buying a Waterfront Home in The Keys

There are quite a few factors to take into account before you decide to make a purchase of a Florida Keys waterfront home. They include:

Island — Where in the Keys do you want to start looking?

When you’re deciding which waterfront property to purchase, the first decision you’ll need to make involves which key island is right for you. There are more than 40 islands in the Keys, most of which contain plenty of options for you to choose from.

As you’re considering an island, you have to decide how close to the mainland you would like to stay. Driving from Key West to Miami can take a while (roughly 3 hours with light traffic).

You also have to be mindful of where exactly the waterfront property is located on the island. Some potential buyers would like to live near the ease of access to popular fishing spots and boating areas whereas others may prefer a more secluded type of home.

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Location, Location, Location…

There are generally three categories of Florida Keys waterfront homes, all of which offer different views. They are:

  • Canal Front

  • Bayfront (Florida Bay or Gulf of Mexico)

  • Oceanfront

Canal front homes allow access to open waters through channels. Such Keys waterfront property types tend to be less costly than most other waterfront homes. Their views show other homes across the canal as opposed to popular sunny oceanfront views. One benefit of canal-front homes is that they’re built with private dockage. Another benefit is the canals offer more protection from the big “H” word. Here in the keys we do not say the word.

The other two types of waterfront homes, Ocean and Bayfront offer views unlike any other. Their prices are usually a bit more pricey than canal-front homes, but they’re views are priceless. Their acquisition more or less depends on your preference. An Oceanfront home offers more beautiful sunrises while Bayfront homes offer beautiful sunsets.

Boating Accommodations

All waterfront properties in the Keys differ tremendously based on how much they allow passage for certain boat sizes. A boat’s size is possible based on a given property’s controlling depth, the minimum water depth that a boat can travel through to get to open water. The bigger the vessel, the higher the controlling depth, resulting in a higher cost for a waterfront property. If you own a boat or are planning to own one, this is something that you definitely need to take into account. You also need to take in account of how much dockage is needed for your vessel. For an example, most half duplex homes in Key Colony have 37.5′ feet of dockage and there is no way of expanding that, you get what you get.

Another thing you need to take into account involves how far away the property is from the channels and cuts that connect the gulf side to the ocean side. There are only certain homes that allow ease of access to the ocean and gulf, whereas others are located too far away from one or the other.