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Beds in Small Places

May 23, 2018 Ideas

When going through my emails this morning, I came across a marketing/sales type email that I would normally delete without any thought or hesitation but I actually noticed the name and thought it rather unique.  So I scrolled down and happened upon this article regarding small spaces and hiding a bed and found it not only very fun but also very informative.

I live/own a home that has 900 total square feet of living space so I am always looking for ways to better utilize my small space.  Our biggest challenges to date are storage and bed space for both our (adult) children when they are visiting at the same time.  I really miss the days when we could just throw them in a double bed and all would be well……..but how I digress.

Sofa Bed

First and foremost, sofa beds are always a great way to incorporate sleeping accommodations for small spaces when hosting family or friends for a short period of time.  I do find that one big setback is that most of the mattresses are less than comfortable but it works in a pinch.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are and always have been my most favorite way to utilize small spaces.  I do love the idea that you could literally have an extra bed in your living room, next to your television, and no one would ever know.  The concept has always intrigued me. Murphy beds can be utilized in almost any room in your house.  It could work in a spare bedroom, living room or den.  Most of the designs for the exterior of the bed resemble book shelves, closet space or storage shelves which make it fit in with pretty much any decor that you chose.

Moving Wall

Installing a moving wall may be a little counter productive because we are talking about homes with limited space. However, I am not an engineer nor an interior designer so it may not be that difficult to do and it does seem to be pretty cool and it almost totally changes the entire look of the area.

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