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6 Must Haves for Your Vacation

August 6, 2020 Florida Keys Lifestyle, Ideas, Travel & Tourism, Vacation Rentals

Now that your vacation rental home is booked and your transportation plans are made, it’s time to focus on packing!  Pack Light!  Leave all your fancy stuff at home.  The Florida Keys style is much more laid back and comfortable.  You definitely will not need any of that stuff to fish, dive, snorkel or to lay on the beach.

#1 Must Have

A bathing suit and bathing suit cover.  (Yes, it seems obvious that you would need that but you would be surprised by how many times people forget them.)  There is no need to change after your swim at the Cabana Club just throw on your bathing suit cover and grab something to eat at the  snack bar.  Or settle at the bar for a cool and refreshing margarita.

#2 Must Have

Flip flops.  Shoes are not required, trust me.

#3 Must Have

Swim shoes.  While coral and coral rock are very pretty to look at, it is not fun to step on.  The rock is very pointy.  Don’t forget to pack a pair for the little ones too.

#4 Must Have

Sunscreen.  The sun is extremely hot and bright here especially during our summer months.  It is amazing how fast your skin can burn.  Don’t forget to apply it and apply it often.

#5 Must Have

Pack a hat for extra protection and to keep the sun out of your eyes.  Works great in a pinch to put your hair up!

#6 Must Have

Soft Cooler.  A soft cooler is a very handy thing to have.  Whether going to the one of our great beaches or enjoying a walk a soft cooler is a very convenient was to store your drinks and snacks.

We hope that these tips will help you have a great time while visiting the Florida Keys.  If we have left anything off, please feel free to comment to let us know.  We would love to include your ideas!!